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              Goldjet Logistics has its own general warehouse of nearly 30000 square meters,bonded warehouse and overseas warehouse,which use the most advanced information management sysem,equipped with motorized and electric forklifts,cranes and other kinds of loading/unloading equipment,implemented with strict managementsystem  system to provide the cost-effective,safe,accurate and real-time storage services to customers.In addition,the company has bonded vehicles to offer regular/irrgular trucking flights in South China,Central China and East China which covering Yangtze River Delta,Pearl River Delta,and all major cities in Central area.

      海关监管仓库:Customs supervision warehouse
      普通仓库:General warehouse
      分类包装:Sorting and packing
      监管车运输:Bonded truck
      中港运输:Transport between China and Hong Kong
      城市配送:City Distribution

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